What Is The ResQ Microchip Identification & Why Should My Pet Have A Microchip ID?

The Bayer ResQ Microchip Identification system involves injecting a small microchip - about the size of a grain of rice- under the skin between the shoulder blades of a dog or cat. Each chip is coded with a unique, 15 digit code that you register with Pet Link. (www.petlink.net)

When a lost pet arrives at a shelter, animal control agency, or is brought into a veterinary office a scanner is passed over the pet. The scanner reads the identification code of the microchip.

The shelter, animal control agency or veterinarian calls the Animal Recovery Program and obtains the contact information that is registered with the animals microchip number. The animals owner is notified that their pet has been found.

If your pet escapes or is separated from you during a fire or earthquake, the ResQ microchip can bring you and your pet back together again.

The cost for the Bayer ResQ Microchip Identification is $40.00 for the microchip implant and includes the cost of the lifetime registration fee.




Contact ResQ 1-877-PETLINK (1-877-738-5465)
Contact Home Again at 1-866-PET-ID24 (1-866-738-4324)
Contact Avid at (800) 336-AVID

Pet Network will scan your pet at any of our clinics. There is no charge for this service.

In addition to having a microchip Pet Network recommends that all pets wear visible ID on a collar at all times, and that pet owners have current pictures and descriptions of their pet. This will allow you to make a poster and provide accurate information to animal control agencies if your pet is lost.

Pet Network strongly recommends that you contact and visit your local shelter if your pet is lost.