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Which Flea Control Product Should I Get For My Pet?

There is no single correct answer for this question. Your pet is an individual, and what works best for someone else's pet may not work as well for your pet. In most cases Pet Network recommends Advantage ® or Frontline ® flea control products.

The product information below will help you make an informed decision. For additional assistance you may call our office or visit any of our clinics. If you are unhappy with any flea control product that you purchase from Pet Network you may exchange or return the unused portion.

We have also found that there may be resistance to either of these products when used for prolonged periods of time. We recommend that you choose Advantage ® or Frontline ® as your primary flea control product, and once or twice a year apply one dose of the alternate product to kill any fleas that may have become resistant to your primary product. This advice comes from experience with clients who have experienced a drop in effectiveness after using one product for a long time. To our knowledge neither company has acknowledged any problems with resistance to their product.

Flea Control Product Information


Advantage is a liquid that you apply to your pet. It kills fleas within 24 hours of application and continues to kill fleas for 30 days. Advantage stays on your pet's haircoat, and we have found that bathing or swimming lowers the effectiveness of this product. If your pet gets a monthly bath we recommend that you apply the Advantage® after your pet has been bathed and is thoroughly dry. We recommend that you do not bath your pet between applications.

Frontline Top Spot:

Frontline Top Spot is a liquid that you apply to your pet. It kills ticks for 30 days on dogs and cats, and kills fleas for 30 days on cats and up to 90 days on dogs. (For dogs, we recommend reapplication every 3 months in the winter, every 6 weeks in July and August and every 2 months during the rest of the year.) Frontline resides in the sebaceous glands and hair follicles of your pet and remains effective after bathing or swimming. Because Frontline uses the oil in your pet's haircoat to travel and cover your pet, we recommend that you wait at least 48 hours before or after a bath to apply Frontline. Frontline is also approved for use in treating some types of lice and mites on dogs and cats.

Frontline Spray:

We recommend Frontline spray for kittens and puppies that weigh less than 20 lbs. Frontline Spray has the same qualities as Frontline Top Spot but it is applied at a rate of 2 pumps per pound, so your puppy or kitten is getting just the right amount of product for their weight. It also does not need a carrier agent to spread over the body. This is one less chemical being used on the very young animals.


Capstar is an oral medication that you give to your pet when they have a flea infestation. Capstar kills all of the fleas that are on your pet within 4 hours and is completely out of your pets system within 24 hours. It does not stop the life cycle of the flea and does not have any effect after 24 hours. The Pet Network Veterinarians may recommend the use of Capstar when animals have sore skin from flea bites that may be irritated by using a topical product. Usually they will recommend that Capstar be given once a day for 14 days while the skin heals. They may recommend oatmeal baths or other treatments to help the skin heal. After 14 days, if the skin is sufficiently healed, the veterinarian will recommend the use of Frontline or Advantage to keep the animal free of fleas and prevent damage to their skin.

Pet Network No Longer Carries Any Flea Control Products As Advantage and Frontline are Available at Pet Stores and Over the Internet

Save Money on Flea Control For Multiple Animal Households

If any animal in your household has fleas or has any signs of fleabite dermatitis* or gets tapeworm* we strongly recommend that every pet in your household is treated for fleas. Some pets do not seem to have fleas or may not seem to be bothered by fleas. This may be due to very good grooming habits (they eat the fleas) or less sensitive skin (the pet doesn't scratch or chew it's skin). The pet that doesn't show signs of fleas is still a host and allowing the newly hatched fleas to continue the life cycle. Each flea that is on any one of your pets may be laying 50 or more eggs per day.

Each individual dose of Advantage or Frontline contains the same strength product, the only difference is the quantity. If you are able to measure the dose accurately you can use one large dose to treat several small animals. Example: One dose of Advantage for dogs over 56 lbs contains 4 ml of flea control liquid. One dose of Advantage for cats over 9 lbs contains .8 ml of flea control liquid. The dose for a 56 lb dog will contain the same amount of flea control as 5 individual doses of Advantage for cats over 9 lbs. All flea control products should be used at the time they are opened. The flea control product chart provides the dosage size for Advantage and Frontline Flea Control Products.


Problems that are associated with flea infestations

FleaBite Dermatitis is caused by sensitivity to fleas. Symptoms often include a loss of hair, dandruff, hot spots, scabs or sores above the tail, on the tail or on the lower back.

Tapeworm is an internal parasite that is primarily carried by fleas. It sheds in segments. The segments can be seen with the naked eye. They are usually found in your pets stool, around your pets anus, or in area where your pet sleeps. When they are fresh they look like white rice-like segments, and may be 1/8" to 1" long. Dehydrated segments look like sesame seeds.


Flea Control Pricing and Product Information
Advantage Topical Solution Apply Advantage once per month on cats and dogs. Apply 12-24 hours after a bath. Use a mild pet shampoo. Do not bath between applications. Min age is 7 weeks for dogs / 8 weeks for cats
Description Amt/dose      
Orange for cats 0-9 lbs .4 ml      
Purple for cats 10 lbs + .8 ml      
Green for dogs 0-10 lbs .4 ml      
Teal for dogs 11-20 lbs 1 ml      
Red for dogs 21-55 lbs 2.5 ml      
Blue for dogs over 56 lbs 4 ml      
Frontline Topical Solution Apply Frontline once a month on cats. For dogs apply once every 6-12 weeks for flea control or once a month for tick control. Apply 48 hous before or after a bath. Use a mild pet shampoo. Min. Age is 10 weeks on dogs and 12 weeks on cats.
Description Amt/dose      
Green for cats (all sizes) .5 ml      
Gold for dogs 0-22 lbs .67 ml      
Blue for dogs 23-44 lbs 1.34 ml      
Purple for dogs 45-88 lbs 2.68 ml      
Red for dogs 89-132 lbs 4.02 ml      

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